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  Bookman's Bandsaw Mill - Designed for the Hobbyist Woodworker

Bookman’s Bandsaw Mill is made especially for the hobbyist woodworker, custom designed by Pacific Northwest woodworker and inventor Stan Bookman.

Bookman’s Bandsaw Mill is half the weight and half the cost of traditional bandsaw mills. It rolls smoothly and evenly on an easy-to-build base made of 2x4's of any length. The customized mill is powered by the motor of your choice (6.5, 11, 13 or 16 horsepower). It has a mechanical clutch to engage the blade off or on. The blade is raised up or down with the use of a hand winch. An adjustable pointer and ruler allow you to set the thickness of the cut.


  Choice of 6.5, 11, 13, or 16 hp motor
  19" saw wheels
  32" log diameter
  28" adjustable throat opening
  1 1/4" blade, 156" long
  Mechanical clutch
  Hand winch to raise and lower blade
  Easy adjustment for accurate cuts
  Adjustable pointer and rule, which displays the thickness of the cut

    Base not included


From $1,595 to $2,695.

Top Ten Reasons to Buy Bookman’s Bandsaw Mill

  1. Easy to Operate
  2. Easy to Maintain
  3. Affordable
  4. Lightweight
  5. Mobile
  6. Efficient
  7. Durable
  8. Dependable
  9. Easy to Assemble
10. Very Powerful

Top Ten Items Created from Bookman’s Bandsaw Mill

  1. Fencing
  2. Board and Batt Siding
  3. Dimensional Lumber
  4. Cedar Planks
  5. Outbuildings
  6. Boards for woodturning
  7. Flooring
  8. Cabinets
  9. Furniture
10. Shelving

...and so much more!

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About Stan Bookman

Stan BookmanStan Bookman, creator of Bookman’s Bandsaw Mill, makes a living as a woodworker and inventor in the Pacific Northwest. In need of a mobile, durable, and powerful sawmill, Bookman originally created and customized his lightweight and extremely efficient sawmill to mill the felled cedar, hemlock, and fir on his 40-acre property in the woods of northwest Washington state. Having worked with wood as a master carpenter for 40 years, Bookman found no end of uses for his fast-cutting and precise sawmill. Specifically he uses his mill to manufacture his pentomino puzzle books, which are made from 12 different northwest woods. It wasn’t long before Bookman began responding to requests to make the sawmill for others, which was how Bookman’s Bandsaw Mill was born.

Contact us

Stan Bookman
(360) 595-0570
1941 Lake Whatcom Blvd. B-3, #211
Bellingham, Washington 98229

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